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What is Wusic?

Wusic stands for Wholesale Users Shop In Collaboration.

A platform to aggregate same demand to vie for suppliers bulk discount. Unlike the long established tradition of suppliers stating their discounts looking for demand.








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Olympus - E5 DSLR

Description: With sophisticated new processing technology and enhanced sensor performance, the E-5 is able to take full advantage of the extraordinary imaging capability of ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses to produce images with unprecedented resolution. Incredibly fast, reliably durable, and impressively creative, this is a camera so responsive, it's as if it knows what you want as soon as you do. The E-5. The culmination of Four Thirds technology.

Seen at Amazon selling for US$1979.00


Geox - New Club Sneaker

Description: Geox hi-top trainers in matelassé eco-leather, with vulcanized rubber sole, waterproof and breathable, with back zip. To bring a dash of style to the workplace too.

Seen at Geox Online Store selling for US$140.00


Photojojo - Nova, A Wireless Pockettable Phone Flash

Description: A wireless flash for iPhone that uses bluetooth to talk to your phone from up to 20 ft. away and sync its flash with your shutter. It has 40 LED lights that are diffused through a white panel for super even light. Choose from 3 light modes: Gentle to take away shadows, Warm to give skin a natural look and Bright to light up a big crowd or large area. For total control switch to Advanced mode to choose your own color temperature and brightness. Since it’s not attached to your phone, you choose the distance and angle of your light. Get it just where you want it.

Seen at selling for US$59.00


Ecoreco - M3 e-scooter

Description: EcoReco M3 is an eco-friendly, efficient, portable, and smart electric vehicle, designed for an adult and everyday urban use. It is foldable and the features are really great. It can go up to 20MPH and charges quickly. 2.5 hours to 85% and 4.5 hours to full. The battery cycle life is long, up to 2000+ charge cycles. Whether you’re going the distance or that extra mile, it provides a convenient and economic ride for you, and cleaner air for all.

Seen at selling for US$999.00

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